We are at a Turning Point. This is a defining moment in our history as a family of churches. The choices we make now will have ripple effects for generations to come.
We have an opportunity to reshape our future now.

Oasis 2018 Videos:

Oasis Recap:

Download Oasis Recap: https://vimeo.com/286682710

Our Turning Point:

Download Our Turning Point: https://vimeo.com/285725758

Oasis Forum: Dr. Stuart Blythe

Download Oasis Forum: https://vimeo.com/287418847

Rally #1: Rev. Dr. Peter Reid

Download Rally #1, Peter Reid: https://vimeo.com/286631587

Rally #1: Mission Edge Churches

Download Rally #1: Mission Edge: https://vimeo.com/286634910

Rally #2: New Congregations

Download Rally #2: https://vimeo.com/287426172

Rally #3: Emerging Leaders

Download Rally #3: https://vimeo.com/288714075

Oasis Learning Lab

Download Oasis Learning Lab: https://vimeo.com/288715600

Devotional: Rev. Dr. Bruce Fawcett

Download Devotional: https://vimeo.com/286800579

"I'm Told That's Planting a Church"

Download Carl O'Donnell video: https://vimeo.com/285624709

What to Say to Someone Considering Pastoral Ministry

Download "What to Say": https://vimeo.com/285624524

Abby Murphy - Thoughts from an Emerging Leader

Download "Abby Murphy": https://vimeo.com/285625705

I'm In!

Download "I'm In": https://vimeo.com/285625215

We Are One - New Congregations

Download We Are One: https://vimeo.com/292762811


Download "I'm In": https://vimeo.com/286806909

Oasis 2019 Details:
  • August 22-24, 2019
  • Crandall University, Moncton, NB
  • SpeakersBruxy Cavey, Dr. Peter Reid
  • Worship Band – TBA
  • Oasis Forum – TBA
  • Devotional – TBA
  • Seminars
  • Oasis Kids & Youth
  • Crandall/ADC Alumni Gatherings
  • A great time of fellowship!


Oasis is the annual gathering of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, a family of churches spread all over Atlantic Canada. Each August, member churches send pastors and delegates to Oasis to engage in making decisions around budgets and visioning for the future. Oasis is also a time to celebrate what God is doing in our churches and how your giving to the CBAC is making a difference with pastors and churches all across our region. You’ll hear from organizations owned by our churches – Crandall University, Acadia Divinity College, Atlantic Baptist Housing, Atlantic Baptist Foundation, Atlantic Baptist Mission Board – and how your giving impacts them. You’ll hear from speakers, worship bands and other gifted artists that we hope will encourage and inspire you and your church to new heights. Remember – Oasis is not just for pastors; it’s for anyone!