Main Speakers

We are at a Turning Point.

This is a defining moment in our history as a family of churches. The choices we make now will have ripple effects for generations to come.

A Turning Point is an opportunity to make a change that will impact the future. Will we make the right choice?

The right choice is not always the easy or pain-free choice.

We have an opportunity to reshape our future now. We believe in a great future for the church in Atlantic Canada and the part that the CBAC will play in that.

Oasis 2018 will focus on what is required of us as a family of churches if we’re going to make a difference joining God in our neighbourhoods.

CBAC staff will be the main speakers at Oasis 2018. They will help us zero in on our three priorities where we must focus our resources and energy. By 2025 we’ll see:

– 300 Mission Edge Churches
– 65 New Congregations 
– 75 Emerging Pastor Leaders (total of 150 pastor leaders)

We believe that we’ll see a God-dream of 3000 baptisms in one year by 2025. What an exciting dream! We need 3000 people praying for this. Will you join us?

Come and hear:

– Rev. Dr. Peter Reid (Executive Minister)
– Rev. Greg Jones (Associate Executive Minister)
– Rev. Kevin Vincent (Associate Executive Minister)
– Rev. Dr. Garth Williams (Associate Executive Minister)
– Rev. Dr. Cheryl Ann Beals (Clergy Formation & Wellness)
– Rev. Paul Carline (Intercultural Ministries)
– Rev. Renée Embree (Youth & Family Ministries)

More about CBAC staff: