Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Oasis registration?
In University Hall lobby. Registration opens at 9am. Not sure where that is? #15 on the map –

Oasis Shuttle – walking up and down the hill at Acadia can be difficult for some. So we’ve booked an Acadia U van as a shuttle to help with that.

Parking – We have arranged free parking on campus during Oasis (well not really free; let’s just say it’s included in your registration). Any lot on the map designated for parking that’s not metered or handicap or for motorcycles, you can park there. Metered spaces are free after 5pm and on Saturdays.

Meals in Dining Hall – if you’ve registered for meals in the dining hall, please note that they are open for 1 hour – Breakfast: 8-9am; Lunch: 12-1pm; Supper: 5-6pm.
*We’ve been advised that the air conditioning is broken in the dining hall and won’t be fixed before Oasis. They will have windows open and apologize for the inconvenience.

Campus Map – The campus map will help you find your way around Acadia U. A copy of this map is on your welcome booklet you’ll pick up when you arrive.

Oasis App – Our CBAC app will have all Oasis details on it. If you don’t have it, here’s how you get it (and don’t forget to allow notifications!):
iOS App Store
Google Play Store

Offering – we’ll be taking up three offerings during Oasis (Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon). Our registration fees don’t normally cover Oasis expenses. We rely on your generosity to make sure this event breaks even. This year, we are committing at least $5000 from our offerings that will go to a specific project/ministry around our three priorities – 65 new congregations, 300 mission edge churches and 75 emerging leaders. Here’s how you can give:

Book of Business – Everything you need to know about the Family Business sessions at Oasis 2018 – motions, budget, reports, nominating committee recommendations, and more!

When does Oasis start?
The first event of Oasis is the Oasis Forum which will be held at Wolfville Baptist Church @ 2pm, Thursday August 23rd. Dr. Stuart Blythe will be speaking on Eating Forbidden Food: Peter, Baptist Polity, and Engaging with Culture. More here:

Oasis Kids & Youth – They are at Patterson Hall #24 on the map. They are open 15 minutes before the sessions and 15 minutes after.

Livestream – A livestream will be made available on our Oasis website. More here about times:

Downloads – all Oasis downloads will be available to all Oasis attendees at no charge. A few weeks after Oasis, you will receive info via email with info on how to stream and download the video and audio files. Like last year we will not be offering DVDs or CDs. But there will be a USB option available for $25 (for registered Oasis attendees. Not registered? $35). Taxes and shipping included.
Also, all Oasis 2018 videos will be made available to all CBAC churches and pastors via streaming or download. You’re encouraged to use these as ways to communicate with your church about our three priorities and who the CBAC is.

Have more questions? Come to our registration desk.