We’ll be welcoming several workshop presenters to lead Oasis Breakouts.


Friday, August 11th (3:15pm)

Saturday, August 12th (9:00am)


Breakout Sessions

Breakout SessionFacilitator(s)Location
(Subject to change before August 10)
Friday, August 11th, 3:00pmSaturday, August 12th, 9:00am
Embracing the International Presence in our Atlantic Canadian Churches
A conversation with CBAC pastors around growing and integrating the voice and faith of followers of Jesus from the global Church, both in the present and the future.
Rev. Dr. Garth WilliamsSH177
Celebrating 10 Years of Soul Care: What Have We Learned?
This is the 10th anniversary of Clergy Formation and Wellness, now the Sozo Centre for Soul Care. What have we learned? Why is Soul Care important for pastors, leaders and congregations? How do we embrace soul care personally and as congregations. Come explore with us.
Rev. Dr. Cheryl Ann BealsSH254
Kingdom Living for Ordinary People
The first marker of a Mission Edge Church is “Living the Jesus Way – both Gathered and Scattered”. Jesus most frequently described his mission here on earth as being to “announce the Good News of the Kingdom.” What did Jesus understand the Good News of the Kingdom to entail, and what does it therefore mean for us to live the Kingdom – to live the way of Jesus – in everyday life? This workshop will explore these questions and give practical steps of what living the Kingdom could look like in your everyday life.
Rev. Dr. Greg JonesMH231
Unpacking Key Findings from the Parenting Faith Report
“How do we help evangelical parents form the faith of (or disciple) their children in the home?”

This spring, the EFC released a new report exploring this question and CBAC was a partner in this research. This report explores how parents understand faith formation and what they are doing to pass on their faith to their children at home. Join this workshop to explore the key findings.
Rev. Dan PykeSH022
Meet Your Moment: Is Your Church Ready for Tomorrow?
Come discover the new Futuring Lab at Acadia Divinity College and shape our work to support your congregation. We want to listen to your present needs and future hopes for your church, in your particular neighborhood. We will introduce the practice of futures thinking, demonstrating how it can inform the ministries of your church in ways that are scripturally rooted and theologically focused. And we will ask: how can we help your church prepare for tomorrow most faithfully?
Dr. Jodi Porter / Joel Murphy (Acadia Divinity College)SH212
Advocate: Supporting Women in Ministry Leadership
A candid conversation that explores ways to be an advocate for women who are in ministry leadership roles.
Rev. Carolyn Steeves / Rev. Gordon Dickinson (Atlantic Society for Biblical Equality)SH222
Refugee Sponsorship & Hospitality: Welcoming Strangers Who Become Friends
Through the hospitality of churches, we assist families by offering them hope, safety, and friendship as they make a fresh start in Canada. We’ll meet the Atto family and hear about life in Syria, struggles they faced as refugees, and how their family is thriving as citizens of Canada.
Jacqueline DerrahSH218
Coffee with CBM!
Join CBM global and national field staff, as well as Canadian staff, and learn how to make a great cup of coffee with The Soucy's- live from Guatemala! You'll hear stories of integral mission in Latin America as you take part in a SENT Online Experience. We'll also share resources available for your church, all while you sip on Collective Cup coffee that supports our work in El Salvador.
Canadian Baptist Ministries staffSH213
Loving Our Neighbors: A Conversation on Affordable Housing
This workshop will explore issues surrounding housing, the current crisis in the Atlantic Region, and how the CBAC churches can help stand in the gap.
Kendalyn Davis / Jared Davis (CBAC Justice and Advocacy's Affordable Housing Task Force)SH023